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Amistad ((1997))
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Cast: Morgan Freeman, Nigel Hawthorne, Anthony Hopkins, Djimon Hounsou, Matthew McConaughey, David Paymer, Pete Postlethwaite, Stellan Skarsgård, Razaaq Adoti, Abu Bakaar Fofanah, Anna Paquin, Tomas Milian, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Derrick N. Ashong, Geno Silva
Directed by: Steven Spielberg
Rating: 7.3 / 10 (61064 votes)
About a 1839 mutiny aboard a slave ship that is traveling towards the northeastern coast of America. Much of the story involves a court-room drama about the free man who led the revolt.
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Movie subtitles (253)
Subtitle name Subtitle's language Subtitles for hearing impaired Subtitles for high-definition movie Downloaded Uploader
Amistad.1997.HDTV.720p.x264-CtrlHDUploaderwind Amistad (1997) Finnish subtitles Subtitles for high-definition movie 3 wind
1997 cd2 internal dvdrip xvid ac3 2ch newmovUploaderAnonymous Amistad (1997) Polish subtitles 0 Anonymous
1997 internal dvdrip xvid ac3 2ch newmovUploaderAnonymous Amistad (1997) Polish subtitles 2 Anonymous
SubForced Fr Z2Uploadervanildo Amistad (1997) French subtitles 38 vanildo
Amistad.1997.HDTV.720p.x264-CtrlHDUploaderrobertroig Amistad (1997) Portuguese subtitles Subtitles for high-definition movie 33 robertroig
AmistadUploaderAnonymous Amistad (1997) Portuguese subtitles Subtitles for high-definition movie 13 Anonymous
amistad.1997.Uploaderboyalili Amistad (1997) Portuguese subtitles 7 boyalili
subes byktulu82UploaderAnonymous Amistad (1997) Spanish subtitles 5 Anonymous
1997 DVD Rip XviD CD2 spa(1)(2)(3)UploaderAnonymous Amistad (1997) Spanish subtitles 12 Anonymous
Mausam 2011 -1Cd.DvdRip.XviD.MP3.ESPAOL.srtUploaderAnonymous Amistad (1997) English subtitles 14 Anonymous
Mausam 2011 -1Cd.DvdRip.XviD.MP3.ESPAOL.srtUploaderAnonymous Amistad (1997) Croatian subtitles 1 Anonymous
AMISTAD 1.45gb (corrected)UploaderAnonymous Amistad (1997) English subtitles 10 Anonymous
Mausam 2011 -1Cd.DvdRip.XviD.MP3.ESPAOL.srtUploaderAnonymous Amistad (1997) Turkish subtitles 1 Anonymous
www RegieLive ro1CD 6UploaderAnonymous Amistad (1997) Romanian subtitles 2 Anonymous
1997UploaderAnonymous Amistad (1997) Slovenian subtitles 0 Anonymous
Mausam 2011 -1Cd.DvdRip.XviD.MP3.ESPAOL.srtUploaderAnonymous Amistad (1997) Slovenian subtitles 1 Anonymous
1997 DVD Rip XviD PT BR CD2UploaderAnonymous Amistad (1997) Portuguese subtitles 13 Anonymous
1997 DVD Rip XviDUploaderAnonymous Amistad (1997) Turkish subtitles 2 Anonymous
AmistadUploaderdesertwaste Amistad (1997) Spanish subtitles 9 desertwaste
Amistad cd2UploaderAnonymous Amistad (1997) Romanian subtitles 4 Anonymous
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