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Battlestar Galactica subtitles

Battlestar Galactica ((1978))
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season: #1 -  unsorted subtitles
Cast: Ed Begley Jr., Bruce Wright, George Murdock, John Dullaghan, Larry Manetti, Jane Seymour, Norman Stuart, Paul Coufos, Jack Stauffer, Janet Julian, Lance LeGault, Jeff MacKay, Leann Hunley, Chip Johnson, Lew Ayres, Wilfrid Hyde-White, Roy Thinnes, James Olson, John Williams, Christine Belford, John Fink, Rod Haase, Sheila Wills, Lloyd Bridges, Richard Lynch, Robert Feero, Ray Milland, Denny Miller, Dirk Benedict, Lorne Greene, Herbert Jefferson Jr., Maren Jensen, Noah Hathaway, Laurette Spang, Tony Swartz, Terry Carter, David Greenan, Patrick Macnee, Anne Lockhart, Sarah Rush, Felix Silla, Richard Hatch, John Colicos, Jonathan Harris
Rating: 7.1 / 10 (11193 votes)
"". The last major Colonial fighter carrier leads a makeshift fleet of human refugees on a desperate search for the legendary planet Earth.
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